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Fundraising strategies in the IoT field

Program and Agenda Tutorial @IoT360 - 20151026

Funding your IoT startup – Overview and Opportunities

The startup phenomenon is booming all over the world, becoming a strong force in the innovation eco-system as a premier tool to deploy
new disruptive products and services on global markets.
With a strong value proposition and big global growth and market potential comes also the need to fund the startup’s operations.

The market is very mature when it comes to digital, web, mobile, ICT business models and markets, but what about IoT?

- What are the last trends on how to fund IoT startups (locally, EU-wide and globally)?
– What are the main difficulties, if compared to other markets and industries?
– How did startups do it so far and what can we learn from their successes?

These and other questions will be answered during the highly effective and interactive tutorial on the 26th of October during IoT360° in Rome.

Frank M. Saviane

Founder & CEO, Fast Forward Advisors



 Frank is CEO & Founder of Fast Forward Advisors, a consulting firm based in Italy and Germany focused on Innovation management, Startup Advisory and Emerging Market Entry for Tech firms.

We worked with around 20 start-ups (mainly in Europe) so far, accelerating their pre-seed and seed stage. Services comprised business & financial planning, sourcing of investors, investor pitch mentorship and investment contract negotiation.

Frank has 6+ years experience in investment banking, startup business incubation and tech firms in Europe and the US.

When not working hard on his projects, he loves to spend time with family & friends, adding more and more flags to his world map and try out all sort of sports (from windsurfing to muay thai).


Tutorial Program and Content


Welcome (5′)


1. Introduction FFA and Discussed Topics (10′)
2. Overview Classic Funding Opportunities (10′)
3. Specific Funding Opportunities in IoT (20′)
4. Examples and Cases (20′)
5. Q&A and Discussion (30′) Break (30′)
6. Brief 1 to 1 meetings with attendees of ~ 15′ to discuss specific funding/fundraising questions with FFA (max 120′ / max eight meetings)

Tutorial Closing

7. Informal networking during IoT360 event

Pricing 150€ + VAT






Fast Forward Advisors


Fast Forward Advisors is a boutique management consulting firm focused on innovation offering both corporate and venture services and operating out from Italy, Germany and the UK and with clients in Europe and Asia.

We work with all type of organizations, private, governmental or academic organizations, of all sizes, like multinational corporations, SMEs and startups/spinoffs.

Related to Venture Services we worked with around 1200+ startups so far (through roadshows, workshops, bootcamps, conferences and startup competitions) and directly advised 30+ start-ups, developing and accelerating their growth, working with them as Interim Managers
and fund raising for them, many of them featured on Techcrunch, TNW, Business Insider, New York Times and many more. Our geographical focus is Europe, although we have been engaged also in North America and Asia. Our team has decades of experience in technology & innovation, management consulting, business incubation and innovation finance.

For any inquiry please contact us at info@fastforwardadvisors.com / @FstFwdAdv