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Meet the Speaker

Meet the Speaker allows summit participants to meet the most esteemed and valued members of the scientific community.

The speakers use the mobile application to choose whether they wish to be available for meetings and select their time slots. Other summit participants simply apply for a meeting (using the same mobile application) and state the reason why they would like to meet. The Speakers can then confirm the meeting. Try our iot-360° app on mobile or web. 

Meet the Colleagues

EAI Summits are a perfect place to meet new people and start new collaborations.

Meet the Colleague allows you to see who is attending the summit and set up meetings from the comfort of your home (or your mobile phone). You can use the mobile application to let other participants know that you will be attending the event. You can then browse the list of other summit participants and select the ones you would like to meet. The topics and the time of the meeting are entirely up to you.

Speakers available for Meet the speaker

Meet the most esteemed and valued members of the scientific community


Emeritus Professor at the Politecnico di Milano

Marco Carugi

Senior Expert, Independent Consultant (telecommunication technologies and associated standardization)

Andrea Vitaletti

Assistant professor, University of Rome La Sapienza

Gabi Zodik

Department Group Manager of the IBM Haifa Research Lab Mobile and Industry Solution Dept.

Antonio Fonduca

Venturing Director at BillerudKorsnäs

Tiziana Catarci

Sapienza University of Rome; Director of the ECONA Research Center

Somnath Chatterjee

Global Projects and Partner Relations Lead SharePract & Knowledge Management Consortium

Thomas Meyer

Partner and Co-founder LDS

Sandro Zilli

Business Coach, Bizpepper.it

Shmuel Ur


Amir Raveh

Founder of British Investments House "MG EQUITY Partners"

Giulio Coraggio

Partner DLA Piper, Technology lawyer

Stefan Bungart

European Business Development Leader for Internet of Everything, CISCO

Antonio F. Skarmeta

co-founder, Odins

Mischa Dohler

Chair Professor, King’s College London