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BlogContest is a competition focused on the topic of Internet of Things and held in the context of the Summit IOT360 – The Gateway to Innovation, organized by the European Alliance for Innovation (EAI). The aim of the contest is to investigate the IoT and what it entails: a trend that accepts network as an element of connection that allows information technology to leave the computer and enter the things, potentially turning all the objects around us into smarter instruments. The competition aims at:

  1. discussing the IoT, building a global narrative on the upcoming innovations;
  2. involving students, experts, companies and organizations that are

    interested in the topics of the IoT;

  3. highlighting the role of information in the process of information sharing and dissemination regarding the IoT through social media, particularly through blogging.


How to participate – Interested bloggers are asked to write an article in the language of their choice on the IoT topic (min 1,500 characters) – Important: Articles should include a link to the website of the Summit IOT360 ( – send an email to with author’s full name, e-mail address, telephone, place/date of birth, age, type of studies, current job, URL of the article within September 30th , October 10th, 2014Please refer to full regulation here

The topic of BlogContest IOT360 The main topic is the Internet of Things at 360° as “the industrial revolution” that, thanks to its various opportunities, fosters changes in the futures of people, organizations and businesses. Also researchers and the innovators can try and turn ideas and projects inspired by IoT into concrete proposals with a commercial value. Winners and awards The competition envisages a single first prize winner who will receive an iPad with Retina display and 5 free tickets to the Summit IOT360: The Gateway to Innovation. The second and third place winners will be awarded 3 free tickets each. The first place winner will be notified via e-mail by October 17, 2014, and will be awarded an iPad with Retina display on October 29, 2014, during the Summit IOT360.

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