IOT360 Program 28-29/Oct

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Track Legend

        RED Track  
This is the Innovation track that will deal with the aspects of taking an idea to market, following through the commercialization process, from idea development all the way through funding. This track will take the participants through the basic steps of how to evaluate an idea, how to assess the IPR readiness of such idea from protection and validity and than through panel and discussions to better prepare the audience for funding readiness.

Come and learn how to assess and take your IoT project from an idea to a fully deployed commercial markets.

        YELLOW Track

This is the technology track, meant to shed more light over the actual steps taken by different people / organisations to capitalise on what the Internet of Things can deliver. In the various sessions there will be talks and discussion panels from various industry sectors representatives, gathering views on IoT innovation from big organisations and SMEs, comparing and contrasting experiences from companies selling horizontal and vertical solutions, sharing hot topics from the makers community and standardisation bodies, concluding with an overview on privacy and societal implications of IoT.

        BLUE Track

People networking to build together the internet of things.
The Blue track is the instrument to meet people, companies and organizations. This session brings together such actors to share research plans, kick-start initiatives, formulates new projects and make business.
Agile one to one meetings among users facilitate a coral development of the EAI internet of things community.

        GREEN Track

15-minute live Presentations (and demos) of projects, products or prototypes from the “From lab to market” exhibit

Day 1 –Tuesday 28th

08:30 – 09:30 Registration & get together
09:30 – 10:00


10:00 – 10:45


  • Jan Färjh – Vice President Head of Standardization and Industry at Ericsson

Entering The Networked Society introduce many challenges but even more opportunities for our industry. In the future, when everyone and everything is connected, the demand on the network for the Networked society will increase. The mobile communication systems will become very powerful systems catering millions of different applications to billions of users and different devices. To provide access to information and sharing of data anywhere, anytime for anyone and anything will continue to put higher demand on features such as capacity, coverage, flexibility and quality. The growth of Mobile Broadband and an environment for open innovation will provide systems that can deliver services and applications with high quality to many different industry segments. The network will provide connectivity for a large variety of devices with different requirements. Flexibility to introduce new application and network services will be key as well as handling different requirements in an efficient way will be required going forward. In this talk an overview of what currently is happening in our industry, a vision of the future and some important technical challenges will be presented.

10:45 – 11:00 Coffee break
11:00 – 12:45

IOT Outlook and Ambitions - Maurizio Decina, Radu Popescu-Zeletin, Kang-Won Lee, Roberto Minerva

  • IOT Outlook and Ambitions, Maurizio Decina – Emeritus Professor of the Politecnico di Milano
  • Internet of Things for Smart Cities, Radu Popescu-Zeletin – Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems (FOKUS) – Germany
  • Internet of Things: A New Era of Opportunity, Kang-Won Lee – Senior Vice President of R&D for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) at SK Telecom
  • From M2M to the Virtual Continuum, Roberto Minerva – Head of Innovative Architectures at Telecom Italia’s Future Centre & Leader of the IEEE IoT Initiative
13:00 – 14:00 Lunch
14:00 – 16:00

Panel discussion on Horizontal Vs. Vertical Solutions

In recent times we have seen a substantial increase of fully vertical IoT solutions that exploit on one side availability of low-cost sensors and on the other existing platforms for smart-devices apps creation. While this is a concrete sign of the available IoT business opportunities, it is also starting to cause concerns and frustration from end-users willing to personalise their IoT applications and interoperate sensors and devices available from different vendors. At the same time we are seeing companies investing in more platform oriented solutions, targeting these more creative users or system integrators. The panel will discuss pros and cons of these different approaches to commercialisation of existing IoT-related technologies.Session Chair


  • The Internet of Things – It’s time to move on, Mischa Dohler – Professor, King’s College London
  • In Praise of Messy Cities, Usman Haque – Founding Partner Umbrellium &
  • Horizontal platforms to globally sense-process-act, Levent Gurgen – CEA-LETI
  • Everyware Software Framework: Eurotech’s M2M/IoT Gateway which reduces the distance between embedded and enterprise technologies, Tiziano Modotti – Eurotech

Brokerage Event –based on collaborative matching: Find your partner

Set up a 10 minutes meeting with potential partners, co-founders, partners and colleagues from industry and academy (Setup done via the EAI360 platform), participants have a detailed agenda on whom to meet where
16:00 – 16:30 Coffee break
16:30 – 18:00

Session: Open IoT Platforms - fostering creativity & entrepreneurship

Open source hardware (OSHW) has been catalysing the embracement of the Internet of Things as a notion and tool for both creativity and entrepreneurship. From makers tinkering and building connected objects to artists exploring new ways in interactivity and startups prototyping and going fast into the market. This session will present case studies and discuss how art, creativity and entrepreneurship blend together with OSHW and the IoT.

Brokerage Event –based on collaborative matching: Find your partner

Set up a 10 minutes meeting with potential partners, co-founders, partners and colleagues from industry and academy (Setup done via the EAI360 platform), participants have a detailed agenda on whom to meet where.
20:00 – 22:00


Announcing the winners and giving prizes.Best Exhibit award and demo of their products/projects.Best blogger award.Location: Radisson Blu Es (Via Filippo Turati, 171, 00185 Roma)

Day 2 – Wednesday 29th

08:30 – 09:00 Registration & get together
09:00 – 10:00

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: GABI ZODIK - MobileFirst – Mobile Development & Runtime Challenges for Today and Tomorrow

  • Gabi Zodik – IBM MobileFirst Research Global Leader.

Open Discussion session

MobileFirst – Mobile Development & Runtime Challenges for Today and Tomorrow The large variety of heterogeneous platforms, form factors, native vs. hybrid applications are among the many challenges associated with developing and managing mobile applications. This challenge is further intensified by omni-channel requirements, which are driving the need for businesses to present customers with a single, transparent system—rather than multiple channels with separate inventory, processing, and delivery systems.

This talk introduces new technologies from IBM and IBM Research that tackle these hurdles and address the entire application lifecycle. These innovations include: tools that help non-programmers create mobile applications, advanced services for functional and performance testing, security analysis and certification, and application usability and usage analytics.

This technology transformation underlines the need for new middleware capabilities that are delivered as Mobile Back-end as a Service (MBaaS). These services can include capabilities such as location, push notification, cloud code, and data synchronization; all these can be delivered as part of a comprehensive API management system. In addition we shall cover how in some cases secure connectivity is needed from System of Engagements to System of Records. We shall also present novel technologies that allow a progressive move from Web technologies such as JSP to gradually move to Mobile, leveraging these past investments.

In addition to platform challenges, this talk shares a peek at some new mobile solutions, including advanced authentication services, augmented reality, predictive analytics in the context of mobile, urban mobility, education, healthcare, patient centered care, and more.

10:00 – 11:30

Funding opportunities for IOT

  • IoT opportunities in Horizon 2020 - Luigi Telesca – Chief Operating Officer, CREATE-NET
  • The Fi-Adopt opportunity – What can you do to apply and increase your success chances (inclusive of invitation to join EAI360 Pre-Accleration) -  Assaf Mendelson (TBC)
  • Crowd Funding opportunities for IOT – Paolo Franceschini – Ideare
  • IoT in the (current and coming) LEIT-ICT Work Programmes under H2020 – Ari Sorsaniemi – Scientific Project Officer at the European Commission
  • Private Sector Investment Opportunities in IOT – TBC a VC representative
11:30 – 11:45 Coffee break
11:45 – 12:45

Session: Consensus building in IoT: standardization and interoperability

The Internet of Things is hailed as a key enabler for our future ICT applications and services in various domains. While there is no doubt that we are witnessing a rapid increase of connected objects and associated applications, there is also a great variety of ways to interact with these objects (wireless technologies, protocols, APIs etc.) which is holding up the real IoT potential everybody talks about. This session will illustrate some of the key issues that need solving for ensuring consensus building in IoT and how to foster interoperability between objects across different applications through the use of standardised or standardisable solutions.Session chair

  • Holger Schlösser – Fraunhofer FOKUS


Presentation: From Idea To Market

Introduction to the concepts of virtual acceleration and how online innovation platforms and communities can be the vehicle to take an Idea all the way to the Market.

Exhibitors pitch presentations on stage

(Taurini room)

12:45 – 13:45 Lunch
13:45 – 14:30

Starting up a business in IoT

In this session the speakers will share the experience of setting-up a startup leveraging on IoT and more widespread monitoring technologies. It will provide the audience the opportunity to learn about transferring some research ideas into real businesses, hear about the hurdles that are to be expected and some of the lessons learned.

Session Chair

  • Livia Marcantonio – INSME


14:30 – 15:45

Panel discussion: Big Industry Players and their Approach to IoT

IoT has been hailed as one technology that has the potential to address many of the challenges we face in terms of making our planet more sustainable with regards to reducing carbon emissions and optimising usage of resources such as energy, water etc. In this context the role of big industry players is paramount due to the wide reach of their operations for scope and number of customers involved. This panel will shed more light on how prominent industry organisation are riding the IoT innovation wave to improve their balance sheet while producing solutions that address many of the big challenges we face.Session Chair

  • Eliezer Dekel – IBM



  • Session: Monetization of Idea, Technologies and IP in IOT Shmuel Ur (IP Monetization Expert)
  • Panel: Protecting your ideas in IOT Find out what is the direction of supporting patents and patent protection in the realm of IOT in Europe and the rest of the world


    • IP lawyers

Exhibitors pitch presentations on stage

(Taurini room)

15:45 – 16:00 Coffee break
16:00 – 17:30

Panel discussion: Privacy, security and societal implications of IOT

Due to its high-granularity monitoring capability, the Internet of Things has a potentially disruptive impact on our future social lives. Similarly to the amount of innovation and value social networks have brought into the Internet of People domain, it is expected that connecting objects and things surrounding people will create an unprecedented wave of new applications and services. While technology drive and scope behind IoT is by now well understood, the societal impact of such potentially invasive monitoring has yet to be fully researched and analysed. In this session we will look at the societal implications of IoT based solutions and what potential pitfalls (from a societal acceptance point of view) need to be factored in while thinking of commercialising new ideas in this exciting domain.Session Chair


Readiness for (Private) Funding

16:00-17:00 Best Practice Panel:Moderator: TBCPanelists:

How the program can help get ready for funding!

16:40-17:00 Virtual Programs Testimonials Graduates of the recent IOT-specific 4W Pre-Acceleration programs and Acceleration Programs discuss their experience. 2-3 testimonials + TBC Video

Community Portal Hands-On Session

17:00-17:30 The services of the EAI360 Community Portal Interactive Session with 4 areas of active engagement with platform. Ability to sign up for upcoming programs. EAI360 team @ four “stations”

Exhibitors pitch presentations on stage

(Taurini room)




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