IoT360 Hackathon

This event is open to entrepreneurs, developers, makers, designers willing to hands-on experiment, learn and  play with state of the art technologies for the IoT.

Take your creativity for building IoT related prototypes and solutions.

Working in teams for a full day, you can craft your ideas getting access and will be able to touch, customize and integrate open hardware, sensors and state of the art infrastructures and technologies for IoT provided by leading IoT companies and solution providers, and by leading EU research projects in the IoT field.

Domain experts will also support participants with hands-on workshops on the provided technologies and infrastructures.

Competitions and prizes

Finally, for the attendees, there will be a chance to “pitch and sell” their projects developed during the “IoT hands-on” session, and the most innovative apps and ideas will to get rewarded with special prizes.

Rules and more details for the competition will follow soon.

If you are interested in participating to the IoT360 Hackathon notify us your interest by clicking on the RSVP button below, in order to receive important updates on the event, on competitions and on registration opening!

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