SaSeIoT 2014

Safety and Security in Internet of Things –

The infrastructure of large cities is getting more and more vulnerable to natural and an-made disasters. Complex ICT infrastructures, critical dependencies and unforeseen cascading effects can aggravate single hazard events to a threatening crisis of whole infrastructures. With the dense population and the critical dependency on infrastructures, such crises become a serious threat to the safety and security of citizens and industries. When the “unforeseen” happens, public security comes to its limits. Whether cyber, natural or industrial disasters – effective risk management must be a continuous process that recognizes new threats and opportunities, in particular in relation to new technological evolutions. Internet of Things (IoT) will have an enormous impact on our future infrastructures. In the context of safety and security this is at the same time a challenge (How can we design IoT infrastructures secure and resilient?) and an opportunity (How can we use IoT for better safety and security?). In particular in urban environments, the increasing deployments of IoT technologies and the rise of sensored and automated cities are opening up new avenues of threads and opportunities towards public safety and security. Although, there have been a number of deployment of diverse IoT systems, our understanding of these systems and their implications in the context of safety and security has just scratched the surface. Conference topics The First International Conference on Safety and Security with IoT (SaSeIoT 2014) is a new conference that aims to explore these dynamics within the scope of IoT in the context of Safety and Security. The conference solicits original and inspiring research contributions from technology experts, researchers, designers, practitioners in academia, authorities and industry, and promises to offer a perfect forum to share knowledge, experiences, and best practices primarily in the following main application oriented themes: · Ensuring the resilience and security of IoT dependent infrastructures The topics of interest in this theme include, but are not

limited to:

  • Models, methods and tools for testing IoT infrastructures Design of resilient IoT infrastructures Detection, prevention, response and mitigation of cyber threats to IoT Trust and identity management in IoT
· Using IoT for crisis and emergency management The topics of interest in this theme include, but are not limited to:
  • IoT for thread and hazard detection IoT for situation-awareness IoT for crisis and emergency response IoT for command & control IoT for emergency forces



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