Mobility IoT 2014

Mobility and Smart Cities:

The goal of the Mobility and Smart Cities conference is to provide a platform for cross-fertilization of ideas and to present cutting edge innovations and technologies for sustainable solutions to the mobility agenda. The process will be driven by fostering the participation of different stakeholders in Europe and around the world. To empower the triple helix of university research, industry and government, with innovative opportunities oriented on smart growth with ICT support. Topics are themed by mobility and include, but are not limited to:

  • Smart mobility Social innovation: Social networks (social marketing) and Innovation in social areas Mobility and its consequences on health and well being Urban mobility Intelligent transport systems Infrastructure Green vehicles Fast track for transport innovation E-mobility Smart cities Creative cities Socio-economic
  • and behavioural research for policy making Global competitiveness of automotive supply chain management Congestion-free and sustainable mobility Novel trends in Production Devices and Systems The use of soft-computing techniques in the field of Logistics and Production systems The use of simulation techniques as a competitive edge/advantage in Manufacturing and service companies Simulation and mathematical methods for the development of intelligent transport systems Advances in Robotics and machine vision as a key success factor in creative companies Gender diversity and innovation as growing imperative in European Enterprises



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