SDN for Wireless 2014

Software-Defined and Virtualized Future Wireless Networks conference:

Software-Defined and Virtualized Future Wireless Network is

a new conference that aims to explore the new design space, the new challenges and solutions, as well as new applications and services of software-defined virtualized future mobile and wireless networks. The goal of the conference is to solicit original and inspiring research contributions from technology experts, designers, researchers, and architects in academia and industry. Bringing together practitioners and researchers to share knowledge, experiences, and best practices.

Topics of interests include, but are not limited to:
  • New end-to-end mobile and wireless network architecture based on SDWN, cloud computing, and virtualization technologies Cloud computing and network virtualization technologies for RAN, backhaul and core networks Software defining and abstracting strategies for network function and air interface technologies in future wireless networks Convergence of heterogeneous wireless networks in SDWN Network devices programmability and customizability QoS/E and traffic-awareness in SDWN Date center technologies for future wireless networks Fast deployment and smooth network evolving Future wireless network management Dynamic resource allocation in future wireless networks Immersive collaborative future wireless media Network evaluations and testbeds New applications and use cases



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